§1 Account

Each person can only have one account.
InGeemu is not responsible for any losses caused by the owner's fault (e.g. theft after providing access data, etc.)

§2 Account sale

Using the account for commercial purposes is prohibited.
Any proven attempt to sell will be punished with account blockage.

§3 Crashes and bugs

In cases beyond our control, some services may not always be available. Therefore, no one can demand the availability of the services.
The service provider is not responsible for server failures, software flaws, and user-related intrusions.

§4 Account deletion or blocking

We reserve the right to delete the account without giving any reason.
The account may be blocked by the administrator if the player or user does not comply with these regulations and the regulations of a particular service.

§5 Currency and Payment

1. Settlements of credit card transactions are carried out via the PayU Settlement Center.
2. Settlements of transactions by e-transfer are carried out via the PayU, TPay, Paypal and Przelewy24 Settlement Center.
3. Complaints about all services after the payment is finalized should be reported through the support system available after logging in at
4. The services are delivered immediately after the payment is credited to the selected payment intermediary. The service will be assigned to the account from which the payment was initiated.
5. Due to the nature of the subject of purchase - it is not returnable.
6. Complaints regarding finalized payments can be submitted by e-mail to

Mediates in financial transactions:

§6 Personal data

The database administrator is InGeemu Ltd.
The company does not currently store any sensitive personal data.
We only store user's e-mail addresses for the proper operation of services and authorization mechanisms.
You can change / delete the e-mail address at the user's request by e-mail (